July 18, 2011

While the boss is away...

My PI is on vacation to a far-away land.  And I am not.

As usual, when the boss is away, everyone in the lab is even more stressed than ever.  I'm still trying to finish up the comments on the paper we submitted last month, so I'm under a deadline to submit it before vacation's end.  Everything would have been done last week had I properly read the labels on our antibodies.


But all is not lost - I will finish my experiments this week, get back on track, submit the paper, and maybe even relax ever so slightly.

On a positive note: the experiment I so desperately needed to work for my thesis actually worked.  The universe doesn't hate me!  And the best thing is that I included almost every single possible control in my first set of experiments.  Now all of my data is organized, beautiful, and figure-ready.  I've never had my experiments work so beautifully on the first go.

I could get used to that.

Oh, and I changed the background on the blog because I was playing with Illustrator and liked what I made. :)

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