July 5, 2011

No time for sickness

The Independence Day weekend was fantastic, visiting my undergraduate school and bumming around town during the hot, sunny, beautiful summer days.  At times I miss being an undergraduate, particularly in the summer, when I had few responsibilities and I had a lot of free time to just relax.  Those days are apparently over, and while I might reminisce, I feel that it is truly time to move on and be a "responsible" and "mature" graduate student.

And while on that mini-vacation, I became sick.  It started just as a sore throat, and now it's going into full-blown sinus nastiness.  I can't breathe and my head feels like it's stuff in a giant feather pillow.  It's not like I'm dying, but I'm not enjoying this current state either.

Regardless, I don't really feel like working or thinking today: my head is tired, I feel sick, and my vacation days just ended.  I would like to crawl into a small, science-less ball and take a nap.  It's not like I'm asking for much.

But no. Cells must be split, infections must be inoculated, plasmids must be digested, and primers must be ordered.

I'm just going to do it all slowly.

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