May 8, 2011

An Introduction

Yes, yet another blog written by a graduate student.  When I created this, I knew that it would exist among the swath of other similar blogs.  At the same time, I consider it a fun outlet and opportunity for me to be creative, regardless of whether others read my posts or roll their eyes.

I'm a second-year graduate student, studying viruses and loving every second of it.  I've survived the first year curriculum, the qualifying exam, and the tribulations of absolutely nothing working in the lab.  I have enough experience in science to (usually) know what I'm doing at this stage, but I'm learning and maturing each day.  My dream is to be a successful principal investigator, and while the journey might be tough, I'm going to continue working my hardest to achieve that goal.

There is also more to me than just science:  I love traveling, graphic design, technology, eating good food, running and exercising, and reading.  I'm also the guy in the department that you will hear blasting the Spice Girls (every Friday), Britney Spears (mostly Saturday mornings), and Paula Abdul (Tuesday afternoons).  I sing along to the radio sometimes, I wear funky glasses, and I have an adorable car.  Overall, I like to think I'm quirky... a quirky virologist.

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