April 25, 2014

Changing Institutions

While I always knew that I would have to eventually move on from graduate school, I never really considered how many options there were, even when specifically aiming toward an academic career.  The vast number of disciplines and the number of people working on truly fascinating questions is astonishing.  At the same time, finding that perfect match is difficult.

Being in a long-term, committed relationship with a geographically-restrained partner made me think that I was going to be left to find a post doctoral fellowship near my graduate school, which left me with very few options.  Having weighed those options, applied to those jobs, and realized that they weren’t the right fit, I found myself in a very difficult situation:  stay “local” with the okay job with the terrible pay or go far, far away for the pretty cool job with equally terrible pay but much better career prospects.

I chose the far-away land, where I basically had to pack up a subset of my life, leaving the vast majority back at home, where my partner remains.  I’ve made a short-term commitment, and I plan on adhering to my (rather self-imposed) deadlines for finishing.  At the end, I hope that my job prospects upon returning are absolutely amazing.

Adjusting to life in far-away land has been one of the most draining experiences in my life.  It’s not that it’s different:  it’s that everything is different.  I chose to switch fields entirely, which was jarring: all of the lingo, methods, people were new.  While that’s exciting, the vanity wears after a week, when one realizes that this situation is very real.  The city has been difficult as well.  Moving has never been my forte, and I tend to be very insecure when alone.  Needless to say, I haven’t adjusted very well.  All-in-all, I’ve found myself making constant tiny mistakes that really play with my emotions.  I feel like I can’t do anything right and that I’m failing not only at working in a new lab, but also with life in general.  This experience has had a very steep learning curve.

When I left my graduate school to become a post doc at a prestigious school, many people said that it would be straight-forward:  you do this and this and this and this, and then bam – employment opportunities abound! It’s just not quite that simple.  I tried to prepare myself for this scenario, but I still get down on myself. 

At the same time, I still feel that I made the right decision.  Moving away to a prestigious school and really pursuing work that I enjoy is something that I need in order to feel good about myself.  My work is strongly attached to my well-being, so I needed to do something big.  I’m hoping that this grand experience does turn out well in the end, but it has been a rough road so far.  Plus, I imagine that I will be even more stressed if (when?) I am able to secure an academic position (if they still exist in a few years).

I’ll keep working on figuring everything out. 

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